Mission Statement

Building Communities. Changing Lives.

Vision Statement

“We are vessels called to encourage and empower those who are lost, broken, and in despair. We bring a message of hope and deliverance, and encourage the pursuit of new opportunities through education, economic empowerment, personal growth and development.”

Belief Statement

The Bible: We believe the Bible is the Word of God, divinely inspired by God. We do not have a desire to add or take away from what God inspired man to write.

God: God is the creator of us all, without him there would not be anything. Having exposed us to himself in the trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, we have confidence in his directions for our lives and praise Him for all that He does in our lives.

Jesus: We believe that Jesus came in the flesh, and was both humanity and Deity rolled into one. He was born of a virgin, sinless in all his deeds, and took sin upon his shoulders for you and I on the Cross. He was buried in death, carried our sins of omission and commission into death, and rose to redeem us to God the Father giving us direct access to petition our own needs; We have faith in his second coming to redeem us back to his kingdom.

Holy Ghost: We believe that Jesus made it known that in his absence there would be a comforter: A personality and deity that converts sinners and inspires the faith of believers to pursue a godly life, and strive for fellowship with God; transforming each believer to live in the likeness of God until the return of Jesus Christ.

Man: We were all created in the image of God, for the sole purpose of fellowship with God; however, since the fall of Adam, all of us were sinners by nature, and incarcerated to the just condemnation of the Holy and righteous God.

Salvation: It is by Grace that we are all saved, through our faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ being the mediator between mankind and God, so that the Gospel can be preached to every person across the world.

The Church: Is the Body of Christ, an assembly of baptized believers connected by a covenant in the faith and fellowship of the gospel. The two ordinances of the Church that we observe are Baptism by immersion in the water, and the Lord’s Supper, the testament left on record by Jesus Christ, which connect us to Him in body, represented by the bread; and wine, which represents his blood, which was shed for the remission of our sins.