New Jerusalem Baptist Church
Arise & Build Conference
September 6 – 7, 2018

Courtyard Dallas Allen at John Q. Hammons Center
210 Stacy Road
Allen, Texas 75002

Have you noticed that our society is being torn apart?

  • The family structure is broken.
  • Our children are afraid to go to school (because they fear for their safety and their lives).
  • Our government’s systems are out of order.

To make matters worse, today’s church seems to have more questions than answers, leading our youth to question the relevance of our belief systems.

The stress is affecting our mental and physical well-being, and manifesting itself through drug addiction, violence, incarceration and an untimely deaths.

Is there hope in the midst of the devastation and broken societal structures that surround us?

The Arise and Build Conference, dubbed “God’s Habitat for Humanity,” is an invitation to every race, culture, and creed to awaken, unify, and rebuild the societal structures that have been torn down. Founded by Pastor Myron Bradford and First Lady Deborah Bradford, the conference is open to individuals, communities, organizations and churches who want solutions to make a positive impact in their local church, community and abroad. 

The Arise and Build Conference will feature powerful and insightful speakers, interactive workshops and discussions that will lead to results. Scheduled workshop topics include:

  • Unifying to Build: The Role of the Church
  • Unifying to Build: The Role of City Government
  • Building the Family Structure
  • Building the Relationship Between Family & Schools
  • Building our Wealth: Business & Commerce
  • Building our Communication:  The Role of the Media
  • Building through Music
  • Plus, interactive discussions include:
    • Marriage
    • Divorce
    • Parenting
    • Mental Health
    • Drug Addiction
    • Incarceration
    • Suicide Prevention
    • School Safety

Courtyard Dallas Allen at John Q. Hammons Center
Allen, Texas

Our host hotel for the Arise & Build Conference

Speakers & Psalmists

Hosted by Pastor Myron Bradford and First Lady Deborah Bradford, the special guest speakers & psalmists for the Arise & Build Conference will be a must attend event for those wishing to awaken, unify, and rebuild the societal structures being torn down in our families, communities, and organizations.

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